Commercial Shippers

These days, most shippers are trying to do more with fewer resources, facing pressure to reduce transportation costs, and struggling to keep track of whether their carriers and freight brokers are keeping up with the government’s latest safety requirements.

Post.Bid.Ship. understands that shippers need reliable service at competitive rates. With Posts.Bid.Ship.’s innovative online transportation marketplace, shippers can save time and money… without sacrificing the high service standards that their businesses demand.

Post.Bid.Ship. serves the commercial freight transportation marketplace, and our goal is to help match companies that ship goods with reputable transportation providers. To be clear, Post.Bid.Ship. is not a freight brokerage. We match shippers directly with the carriers who will be responsible for moving their freight.

Post.Bid.Ship. works by enabling shippers to post loads of available freight online. Our pre-screened member carriers and freight brokers submit competitive bids to haul shippers’ loads. Shippers then review those bids and a match occurs when a shipper awards their load to a bidder.

Here is a quick overview of the ways in which Post.Bid.Ship. member shippers benefit from our service:

  • Provides access to top quality carriers and freight brokers, which Post.Bid.Ship. pre-screens for authority, insurance and safety before accepting them as Post.Bid.Ship. members.
  • Access carriers and freight brokers capable of handling truckload, less-than-truckload, and expedited shipments with a variety of equipment types, including van, reefer, flatbed and more.
  • Enables shippers to invite their existing carriers and freight brokers to bid on their freight.
  • Allows shippers to receive competitive freight bids within a time-frame set by the shipper.
  • Stores the history of bids received and loads awarded for convenient tracking.

Post.Bid.Ship. invites shippers to take advantage of this technology to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce transportation costs.

Recommended Post.Bid.Ship. Plans for Commercial Shippers:

Post.Bid.Ship. Premier

Post.Bid.Ship. Premier is Post.Bid.Ship.'s most feature-rich plan. Post.Bid.Ship. Premier is designed for Commercial Shippers, Freight Brokers, Private Fleet Managers and Commercial Carriers looking to bid out their freight and utilize the Internet to save both time and money.

Premier helps commercial shippers and freight brokers that are seeking to receive online bids for their freight from their existing carriers and freight brokers plus the ability to recruit new carriers and freight brokers. Private fleet managers seeking a system to locate freight to haul using their own equipment to help fill their partially full head-hauls and back-hauls while also seeking carriers and brokers to bid on both their inbound and outbound freight will appreciate Post.Bid.Ship. Premier. Lastly, Premier is designed for carriers looking to recruit other carriers and freight brokers to bid on their overcapacity freight while also looking for additional freight to fill their unused trailer capacity.

Premier offers users the ability to post all 3 types of loads: Request Quote, Live Load and Contract. The two lesser plans that offer posting freight ability, Combo and Post Plus offer only Request Quote making Premier a must have plan for users looking to post Live Loads and Contracts. Premier also offers the ability to search 1,000's of Post.Bid.Ship. registered carriers and freight brokers that best match your needs and utilize our innovative system. Find carriers and brokers based on trailer types offered, load size preferences (LTL or TL), lanes serviced based on countries, states and provinces, user feedback score thresholds based on reviews submitted by other Post.Bid.Ship. users and the type of shippers whether commercial shippers and/or freight brokers the carriers and freight brokers prefer to service.

Premier plans include phone, live chat and email support as well as a dedicated account manager and support line. Other features included in Premier are satellite imagery of pick-ups and delivery to receive more accurate bids, search historical data and easily collaborate with co-workers, save regularly used pick-up and delivery addresses to quickly post new loads, monitor carriers and brokers viewing your freight so you can invite those users to future loads and block carriers and brokers from seeing future freight.

Post.Bid.Ship. Post Plus

Post.Bid.Ship. Post Plus gets its name for being a single purpose plan which allows a user to post loads. With Post Plus, a user can post available freight and receive bids from their existing carrier and broker base as well as receive bids from 1,000's of carriers and freight brokers registered with Post.Bid.Ship. Post Plus like our other premium plans includes phone, live chat and email support.

Other features included in Post Plus are the ability to display your company name and contact details with posted loads, ability to read the details of reviews left for other users, ability to duplicate previously posted loads, view the route map, see automatically calculated mileage for routes, ability to build your regular carriers and freight brokers list, see bidding carrier and broker's company name even if they elected to not display it, see the credit score and days to pay of bidding brokers, share access with co-workers, block carriers, access carrier and broker statistics including authority, set price or max bid with posted loads, set multiple trailer types for posted loads, send private messages and much, much more.