A team of experienced technology and transportation professionals founded Post.Bid.Ship. to alleviate inefficiencies in today’s freight transportation marketplace. Post.Bid.Ship. seeks to aid both sides of the commercial transportation market – commercial shippers and freight brokers along with the carriers who haul their freight.

Post.Bid.Ship. will benefit shippers and freight brokers by:
1) streamlining the process by which they solicit freight rate quotes,
2) reducing freight costs as a result of competitive bidding and
3) monitoring carriers to ensure that carriers meet the latest safety requirements.

Post.Bid.Ship. will benefit carriers by:
1) providing a cost-effective means of reaching new freight nationwide,
2) achieving greater profit margins by filling trailers to capacity and
3) building an online record of references for potential customers to view.


Post.Bid.Ship. traces its roots to The University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship. Graduate students Micky Thompson, Jarret Hamstreet and Cody Nicholls desired to create a venture concept blending their passion for technology with their interest in the transportation industry. The three conceived Post.Bid.Ship. as a means of using technology to bring about a more efficient commercial transportation marketplace. Thompson, Hamstreet and Nicholls’ concept earned the McGuire Center’s top honor of “Best New Venture” for 2010. Thompson and Hamstreet subsequently launched Post.Bid.Ship. in July 2010.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Post.Bid.Ship. released the first or “beta” version of its Transportation Marketplace in February 2011 after more than a year of research and development. Shippers and carriers of all sizes across North America use Post.Bid.Ship.'s innovative online load bidding system. Post.Bid.Ship first released its fully commercialized system in July 2012 and continues the system’s development and improvement based on customer feedback.

In August 2016, Post.Bid.Ship. officially released the first ever freight marketplace integration with Oracle Transportation Management. The integration between Oracle Transportation Management 6.4 and the Post.Bid.Ship. Freight Marketplace is through a Java-based middleware application, called BConn, allowing Oracle Transportation Management users to send spot market shipments to Post.Bid.Ship., conduct private auctions among current service providers, receive competitive bids from Post.Bid.Ship.’s network of pre-screened service providers and easily tender loads to winning service providers. This integration allows OTM users to send shipments out to bid into the open market, a feature not previously available to OTM users. Post.Bid.Ship. earned the "Oracle Validated Integration" status just prior to the official release.